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VoIP Service Signup

Local Origination and Telephone Numbers (DIDs)

Tier A (major markets) : 1.2¢ /minute
Tier B (rural area): 1.6¢ /minute
Canada: 1.5¢ /minute

US 48 (pay per minute DID): $1.49 /month – $1 activation fee*
Canada (pay per minute DID): $2.75 /month

Unlimited Usage: $7.95 /month (includes 2 channels, unlimited inbound**)

All DIDs come with free voicemail.
**Local inbound only. Limited to Tier A RBOC rate centers

Toll Free Origination and Telephone Numbers (DIDs)

US 48: 2.4¢ /minute – $1.49 /month
Hawaii: 2.4¢ /minute – $1.49 /month

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