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5 Amazing New Snapchat Secrets & Tricks You Should Know

New snapchat secrets a most trending search term in the internet. Today on our website we are sharing the latest snapchat secrets which will shock you for sure.

Snapchat is one of those social networking sites which have been capturing hearts of over millions of users in today’s world with its ultra-entertaining features. The happy snappers who have been regularly using Snapchat would know that life’s more fun by snapping memories and making them live by the beautiful features provided. Capturing memories is best when seized with Snapchat.

Here, I am spilling the beans of some of the amazing new snapchat secrets. After using these features mentioned below, you will definitely cross the bar of having fun with Snapchat.

New Snapchat Secrets 2017

new snapchat secrets 2017

1. Add Fun Filters

The latest upgrade of Snapchat allows you to add features which are like Instagram filters, art and other data labels. You can add these to your snap by swiping your fingers from left to right. It also allows you to preview at the same time. Below are those available filters.

2. Geo-location Filters – New Snapchat Secrets

add fun filters

Geo location filter is one of the best snapchat secret which you people should know about it. You can now overlay labels and art on your snap on the basis of your location. For Example, if you’re in the New York City’s Flatiron District, you can find and add art or labels like the one shown below

3. Snapchat Secrets Speed Filters


This feature doesn’t always work and is a little cliché but it captures the speed with which you are moving while taking the snap. It is also the new snapchat secret.

4. Black and white, saturated and sepia filters

snapchat secret filters

These three secret filters were available in the older version of Snapchat with the help of codes. But you would be happy to learn that now in the latest version, codes are not required. In fact, there don’t even work. There features are very easy to find in the new Snapchat. All you need to do is continue swiping your fingers from left to right or right to left to preview them.

5. Font Flashing Face New Secrets Of Snapchat

It is very difficult to take selfies when lighting is too dark. So now no worries about it. We are showing you the snapchat secrets of front facing flash features. This feature will white out your screen and it will help to brightenning your photo. To enable it, you just need to turn on the lightning icon in the top left corner.

camera lightning secrets of snapchat


I am definitely sure that with these new snapchat secrets you will receive an extra dose of entertainment every time you use them. Snapchat users! Get going with your additional amount of fun. Bookmark this page to get more updates on new snapchat secrets 2017.