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8 Free Business WordPress Themes

There are many different WordPress themes out there to choose from and starting with a theme that is closer to what you want in the end will make getting your own site up and running that much faster. The goal of a business theme is to provide an architecture that can support a standard website design in a manner that makes it look more like a traditional website made up of individual pages and can also support regular posts in a blog format. The themes in this article were chosen because they work equally well as a blog site and a static content site (with optional blog content).

Studiopress is a nice looking theme and is available in several different color pallets. StudioPress is a clean, AdSense-ready WordPress theme. It supports widgets and it comes with alternate comments styling and a customizable “Welcome” section on the sidebar.

Official Studiopress website: http://www.dailyblogtips.com/wordpress-themes/

Another nice theme from Daily Blog Tips is their GreenTech theme. GreenTech is a classic WordPress theme, with a cream background and details in brown and green. It is advertising ready, supports widgets and it comes with author comments and Feedburner integration. Advertising boxes in the right nav bar work well for graphics depicting pages such as About, Contact, Prices, Support, etc or can be used for advertising purposes.

Official Greentech website: http://www.dailyblogtips.com/wordpress-themes/

This theme is very well designed and can look really good as a general business site with its nice section set aside for logo placement and should be pretty easy to modify for different colors.

Official Yoghourt site: http://web-kreation.com/index.php/freebies/

Fluid Yellow Black
I really like this theme and used it for a while on one of my other sites. Its fairly easy to customize and your logo can be put into the header easily.

Offical Yellow Black Site: http://www.skinpress.com/fluid-yellow-black-wp-themes/

This theme can work well as a blog or business site and starts off with a nice clean interface that can easily be tweaked for your exact needs.

Corporate theme at wordpress.org: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/corporate

Artificial Intelligence
This is a very non-blog style design that could work well for certain businesses. It is updated with features for WordPress 2.7.

Official Website: http://ericulous.com/2007/02/09/wp-theme-artificial-ntelligence

Red Busines
This is another non-blog looking theme from ericulous.com with features added for WordPress 2.7.

Official website: http://ericulous.com/2007/01/13/wp-theme-red-business

Orange Web
And yet another one from ericulous, this is another non-blog looking theme and has also been updated with features for WordPress 2.7.

Official Site: http://ericulous.com/2006/12/22/wp-theme-orange-web-20

Grow Your Business
This is the theme used on this website. It works well and is pretty easy to modify for your own needs.

Official site: http://www.junpak.net/free-wordpress-themes/