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Whatsapp Plus APK Download Latest Android Version 2017

whatsapp plus download 2017

While the whatsapp Plus has gained the momentum in the Android smartphones, the whatsapp Plus apk are already available on our website. The whatsapp plus latest version is what we will discuss, and we will also guide you how you can download whatsapp plus.

About Whatsapp Plus 2017

As the applications popularity increases, the new developments tend to happen in them. The Smartphone users are now almost addicted to quite a few apps, which has become the daily need for the routine life. The whatsapp is one of them. The whatsapp is the cross-platform application for sending and receiving messages and other important files too like images, videos, documents, links or contacts. It has become mandatory now to have the whatsapp for the daily usage, in turn increasing the production of the Smartphone manufacturers.

whatsapp plus apk 2017

The features of the whatsapp made the application popular in short span of time. Today, there are approx. 1 billion users of whatsapp application across the world. Even though the application has the outstanding features, yet many users are complaining about some of them. There are some features which are lacking, and that is why the Spanish geek has developed the Whatsapp Plus application. It is the third party which resembles the original application, but with the modified features.

Whatsapp Plus is developed by Rafelete, and he has developed the app with the modified features which fill the missing gaps of the official whatsapp application. The good thing about whatsapp plus is that it comes with anti ban feature, which enables its user to use the whatsapp plus without any fear of being blocked or banned. The whatsapp Plus apk is currently developed for the Android OS; thus iOS and Windows users will not be able to use the whatsapp plus. The description will not tell you what we want to share with you. We will move on to the next segment which will give meaning to the description of the whatsapp plus.

Features of Whatsapp Plus APK 2017

Now you must be wondering that what exactly whatsapp plus has that official whatsapp does not? The reason why whatsapp Plus has gained the popularity is because the developer has fulfilled the missing features of the official whatsapp application. Let us allow showing you what the whatsapp Plus has in its store:

  • The green icon of the official whatsapp application seems boring at times; whereas whatsapp Plus has a blue icon and also you can change the icon color as per your choice if you don’t like blues!
  • The 50 MB videos and more than ten images of high quality can be sent to other contacts, exceeding the file sending limit.
  • Customize your account completely with the help of whatsapp plus. This may include changing whatsapp background, themes (free and paid, both are available), notification sound, chats color, etc.
  • You can choose the specific contacts that can view your status and profile picture and also add the status with more characters.
  • While you are chatting with the person, you can view their status without opening the profile.

More features you can explore of the whatsapp Plus once you download the whatsapp plus latest version. Before you move on to download and installation segment, we will first let you know what you require to install the whatsapp plus apk.

More Whatsapp Plus APK Features

  • Secured data connection
  • Whatsapp plus apk latest version
  • Third party app installation permission
  • Back up of your chats, files and messages for not losing the data.

The last requirement is optional. If you want to continue with the previous whatsapp data, then we insist on taking the backup first from the official whatsapp application. It is the matter of few seconds. If you do not how to do, then follow the guide given here:

Create Backup Data

  • Open the official whatsapp application
  • Now go to settings> chats> chats backup

create chat backup

  • The backup of the chats will start, and then it will be stored in few seconds

Once the requirements or the pre-requisites are met, then move on to the download and installation section

Download Whatsapp Plus Latest Version

The only limit to the whatsapp plus download is the unavailability of the whatsapp Plus apk in the Google play store. The whatsapp Plus apk is not available in the Android market that is why relying on the third party app installation software is the best solution to download and install the whatsapp plus apk. The links which are provided on our website are safe and malware free and is the whatsapp plus latest version. Follow the guidelines without missing the steps:

whatsapp plus download 2017

Installation Steps of Whatsapp Plus APK 2017

Download APK File

  • Download the whatsapp plus latest version apk file from the link given below

whatsapp plus download

Transfer APK

  • Now transfer the apk file from the PC to your Android phone, either in internal or external memory.

Change Settings

  • Now before you proceed for the installation, first change the device settings. SETTINGS> SECURITY> UNKNOWN SOURCES (enable this option)

change unknown sources

Open APK File

  • Go to the file explorer and open the downloaded apk file

Uninstall Previous APK

  • Uninstall the previous whatsapp application, and before uninstallation, do not forget to take the backup of your chat data.

uninstall whatsapp apk file

Start the Installation

  • After opening the whatsapp Plus apk file, locate the installation tab at the bottom of the screen and start the installation.

Create New Account

  • Once the installation is done, open the app and create your account with the same method as standard whatsapp application

create whatsapp account

Restore Previous Data

  • After the verification of your number, the app will ask for the restore of the chat data. If you would like to restore them, then click on restore. All your previous data will be restored.

How to Install Whatsapp Plus APK Tutorial Video?

Now you are ready to use the whatsapp plus apk in your Android device.


This was all about the whatsapp plus apk application for the android device. Currently the application is available for the android OS, and that too now the whatsapp plus latest version is available. The whatsapp plus download and installation is easy and quick too, but still if you find any trouble in the installation, you can leave your message in the comment box. We will reply you back as soon as possible. You can share this article with your friends on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Google.