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Showbox APK Download Latest Version 4.82 (May) 2017

showbox apk 2017

The movie streaming sites and apps are available in abundance for the smartphones. Among them, showbox apk stands out as unique. In this article, we have covered the details about showbox apk, features, how to download showbox app for the Android.

Overview of Showbox APP 2017

The days are gone when we had to wait for the movie to premiere on the television. Out there, we have many movie buffs who like to watch movies on the first day first show. Thinking about this attribute of the human nature, the developers have come up with the application which is created for the movie buffs like you and us. Showbox apk is the Android application which is the huge platform for the unlimited movies and television shows.

Under the entertainment category, the showbox is the stop for every movie buff and television show viewers. It has the huge library of the Hollywood movies and TV series with full episodes and seasons in full HD resolution. The showbox apk is compatible with every Android version, and the video streaming on the showbox apk is completely free. The decent UI of the application is the key feature of being popular among the Android users.

showbox apk 2017

There is nothing about showbox apk which does not appeal to its users. If you have not experienced the application yet, then we are sure that after reading the complete technicalities of the showbox apk, you will just hit the download tab provided here in the article. The showbox apk is not available on the Google play store, so we have the apk file derived from the developer’s official website. You can assure of the download link to be completely malware free, safe for your device.

Features About Showbox APK 2017

The store of the showbox apk is huge than it seems to be. While the description has already made you curious to know more about the application, we have also made the research of the showbox apk whereabouts. Before you search the download link for showbox apk, first explore the features of the application. This segment will tell you more about the application than any other segment in this article. The features are:

  • Free access to the users
  • Be it Android Smartphone or tablet; the app is compatible with all Android device
  • The smooth functioning of the Android device.
  • Forbids the registration process to access the app
  • Watch any movies or TV series in the HD resolution
  • Subtitles are available for the different language movies other than English.
  • Running on the slow speed of the data? Adjust the video quality and watch it without buffer
  • Huge library of the Hollywood movies and TV series with full seasons. They are categorized as per their genre, release year and available video resolution.
  • You can add the favorites in the MY LIBRARY section for watching them in future
  • If any movie or TV series is available on the app, it will be visible in the recent updates tab
  • You can even download the movies or TV series for watching offline
  • Any media player is compatible to watch the movies or TV series from the showbox apk
  • With good and secured data connection, the showbox apk streams the movies in an efficient manner.

These features are just highlights of what showbox apk has to offer to its users. There are still more features to experience and explore the application and this choice we leave it to you because the exploration of other features is possible after the showbox app download.

Showbox APP Download 2017

After the features of the showbox apk, we will guide you on how to download and install the showbox apk on the Android device. There is no need of rooting your device to install this app. Just a few prerequisites you will have to meet such as:

showbox apk 2017

  • Latest version showbox apk file
  • File manager app
  • USB data cable (if you are downloading the apk file on the PC)
  • Secure data connection, preferably Wi-Fi

Showbox APK Installation Steps

Once the above requirements are met, you can proceed to follow the guidelines for showbox app download. If you are the beginner who does not know how to install apk file, then follow the guidelines properly given here:

Download APK

  • Foremost, start the showbox app download from the malware free link given here. If you are downloading the apk file on the PC, then after the download transfer the file to your device with the help of compatible USB cable.

showbox apk download

Open File Manager

  • In the file manager/ explorer, search for the showbox apk file

search showbox apk

Launch the APK File

  • Once you get the showbox apk file, launch the file on the interface

install showbox app

Give Permission

  • After you have launched the file, it will ask for the permission whether to install the app or not. Simply click on INSTALL

installation started

Installation Completed

  • The installation of the showbox apk will be done in few seconds.

showbox install in your android

Open Application

  • After the installation, click on open

open app

Register User

  • At the launch of the showbox app, you will be asked to enter your gender and age. Input the correct data.

Ready To Use

  • The showbox apk application is ready to use now.

The homepage of the application will display the Hollywood movies and TV series. You just have to select your favorite and start watching it. You can even add it to MY LIBRARY section for watching it in future or simply download the app to watch offline. If you get an error while you are watching the movie, ‘unfortunately showbox has stopped,’ then just follow the instruction given here to fix it:


How to Install Showbox APP in Android (Video Tutorial)?


The positive point about showbox apk is that it does not ask for any personal details while launching the app. The showbox download is also very simple and quick. The showbox app download can be done only through third party app installation software since it is not available on the Google play store. You can share this article with your friends on the social media platforms like Facebook, Google or Twitter. If you have any doubt, suggestion or query regarding showbox apk application, you can leave your message in the comment box; we will revert you back as soon as possible.

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