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10 Quick Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings 2016

There’s no doubt that Google Adsense is the best and high paying CPC (Cost Per Click) based advertising program to monetize any blog and we don’t need to talk more about this that how Google Adsense is best.

But for a couple of time adsense CPC is going lower day by day and bloggers and webmasters are struggling hard to increase their earnings. So as a blogger I can understand that how difficult it has been become to make money from blogging especially for newbies.

Affiliate Marketing is the only way left to make a handsome amount of money from their blog. But it’s also not that much easy to make money from Affiliate Marketing because nowadays it’s very tough to make a sale. While adsense is the best and easy way to make money where you need nothing instead of clicks on your adsense advertising program. So, anyhow we have to manage and keeping finding ways to increase our adsense earnings. So, today I’m going to share my 15 quick tips which bloggers and webmasters can use to increase their adsense earnings. So here are the tips.

10 Quick tips to increase your Google Adsense Earnings

#1• Traffic 

Traffic was the most important and the only way the to make decent income from adsense because without traffic you’re not going to get anything from blogging. Whether it’s Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense, Traffic is the only source to make passive income. Although Organic traffic are considered to be more beneficial for your blog and can also boost your adsense revenue. So you should focus more on SEO to boost your adsense income and to get higher rankings on search engines. Read this to know my top ways for getting traffic to my blog.

#2• Size and Location 

This is the most common way to get more clicks on your adsense ads. According to me sizes like 728*90 (Leaderboard), 336*280 (Large Rectangle), 300*250 (Medium Rectangle), 160*600 (Wide Skyscraper) works best on any blog. Ads between content is also a good place for getting more clicks on your post.

#3• Choose High Paying Niche 

Niche is one of the important thing in blogging and also for getting higher revenue from adsense because CPC of an ad directly depends upon the topic you choose. You should find the high paying niche for your blog and also choose the niche that is related to your domain for getting higher rankings on the search engines moreover it can increase your adsense earnings.

#4• Choose the Right Theme for your blog 

Yeah it’s also an important thing in order to increase your earnings. You should find the right theme that works best with adsense and also find the theme that already have a ad placement setup for getting more clicks. According to me Studiopress is the best theme for WordPress and is already SEO optimized and has ad placement setup too. Check Studiopress themes from here.

#5• Eliminate low paying advertisement 

Google Adsense serves both high and cheap paying advertisement on your blog by checking your website. However you could block these low paying advertisers with competition filters available at your adsense account.

#6• Find Keywords and also Improve it

Finding and improving your keywords for adsense is also important and it can also help you improve your ad relevance too. You can also get suggestions from Overture Search Inventory and from Google Adwords Sandbox. Before showing ads on a webpage it’s recommend to check it’s density. You can use this free tool to find keywords and density.

#7• Improve Quality of your site

The higher the quality of your site, the higher CPC you’ll get from adsense. Moreover search engines loves quality sites. So, it’s important to improve the quality of your site.

#8• Create Custom Channels

You can also create custom channels while creating ad units for your custom page.

#9• Display Image and Text Ads

Displaying image and text are likely to get more clicks on your adsense rather then without image or without text ads. So, it’s recommend to enable both image and text ads.

#10• Don’t use too much Ads

Using too much ads on your blog can lower your CPC. It’s recommend to add only 2 units of ads on your one page of your blog.