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How White Screen Of Death Error Occurs In WordPress And How To Fix It

If you have been using wordpress for a while, then you might seen a White Screen of death error.

When your WordPress site is not working properly and showing a white page only instead of your contents, then it is a White death of Screen error. It’s a common problem in WordPress. So, you don’t need to worry more about it and it’s also easy to fix. So, before I tell you how to fix it how this error occurs.

How White Screen of Death error occurs in WordPress:

How White Screen of death error occurs in WordPress and how to fix it

The white screen of death error usually occurs due to following reasons –

• Activating defective plugin.

• Activating poorly coded themes.

• Changing the settings of an active plugin.

However, you couldn’t deactivate the plugin through your wp dashboard because the white page error also appears in your WordPress dashboard. One more thing I will like to tell you that White Screen of death doesn’t delete anything from your WordPress dashboard. So, you don’t need to worry about your files and contents. It’s easy to fix the white screen of death error. Just you need to deactivate the plugin or theme that are having defect to make it go away.
So, here’s the steps to fix the White Screen of death error –

How to fix White Screen of Death error:

• Deactivate all plugins one by one via your hosting file manager or FTP.

• Replacing the WordPress theme to default.

• Replacing the defective plugin or theme with a new one.

For Plugins

If you know that which plugin which plugin is displaying errors then just log into your cPanel and go to File Manager or FTP and head to wp-content folder/exampleplugin and just delete that plugin. However you can also fix this by going to plugins folder and renaming each folder over by one and do this until your site appears.

For Theme

If you have a poorly coded theme activated in your site then you have to change that theme to one of the default theme that WordPress has. You will need to this by FTP and have to go in the wp-content folder and then themes folder in which you will see the names of themes. Go to the one you activated and replace that theme with a default theme or rename it in order to active it.