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7 Sure Tips That Will Boost Your Blog Traffic 2016

Creating a blog is easy but getting traffic into it is not a easy task. Everyone knows that traffic plays an important role in blogging. Your content is incomplete without getting visitors to read your contents. Remember that without traffic you can’t get anything from blogging. As many of the bloggers quit to blogging because they were not getting anything from it. They think that they were just wasting their money into blogging. I think that they were not getting traffic or they were not getting peoples to read their content that’s the main reason behind it for quit to blogging. Getting visitors or comments in your blog will motivate you to continue to blogging.

When it comes to blog traffic, there are almost millions of creative ways for getting traffic. But we can’t follow all the ways the ways because we don’t have enough time to try them all. So, today I am going to share my top 7 tips that I think they will sure boost your blog traffic.

7 sure tips that will boost your blog traffic 


#1• Be more active on Social Media 

Social media is the best way for getting traffic to your blog. Social media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. can boost your blog traffic. Just you have to do is be more active and always share your blog posts. Moreover you should also join some groups in Facebook and share your blog posts to them also to gain more traffics to your blog.

#2• Join Blog Communities

Blog Communities is a place where bloggers share their posts to other bloggers and create a relationship with other bloggers. Blog Communities like BlogEngage, Indiblogger, Kingged, etc. can also boost your blog traffic. After posting posts on your blog, just share it to Blog Communities to gain more traffics to your blog.

#3• Make attractive and unique titles

Titles are the most important thing for every blog posts. Title should be attractive so, that the peoples click on your posts. Moreover you should also create unique titles for your posts for better rankings in search engines.

#4• Write Useful and Evergreen contents

Content is still the King. People will only visit your blog if they were getting useful contents from your blog. You should also create evergreen posts because that will always bring traffic to your blog. So, you should take time and make useful and evergreen contents for your posts.

#5• Optimize your blog for Search Engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way for getting traffics. Traffics from search engines like Google, Bing etc. are more valuable than getting traffic from any other source. SEO can boost your blog traffics and also your earnings. So, take more time on SEO for getting better results for your site.

#6• Display related posts 

Displaying related posts are having many benefits. It will not only increase your traffic but will also increase your bounce rate. So, you should display minimum 3 related posts for getting better results for your site.

#7• Join BroadedNet 

BroadedNet is a blog promotion service created by Enstine Muki, a professional blogger. It’s easy to join BroadedNet, just go to broaded.net and simple sign up. Then you have to install the Broaded.Net plugin and add your broaded.net API in that plugin in order to display posts to BroadedNetwidget. See my honest review of Broaded.net from here

Conclusion :

So, if you followed all the tips that are mentioned above then I am sure it will double or triple your blog traffic. However there are lots of ways for getting traffic. So, that’s all and thanks for reading.