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Top 5 Best Android Launchers 2016

Today we are sharing all new android launchers list 2016. This is the new and best launchers for android available on the internet. Before moving to the list of android launchers first I would like to make you aware about launchers.

What Is Android Launchers?

Android launchers are the app developed by some external developers. It is the app can change the whole look of your android mobile without changing or affecting any system file of your android mobile. It is not only the piece of cake but it also allows you to customise the android phone according to your choice. You can customise everything like desktop grid, sizes, icons, dock style, animations, icon size and even much more. It is definitely gives you a stunning look and various customisation options that look totally different than its look provided by mobile company.

As you all know that there are 1000 plus launchers are available on the internet. But here we are sharing some of the best and our handpicked android launchers. This app will surely going to change the entire look your android mobile and we are guaranteed that you will be fall in love with it.

Best Launchers For Android Mobile 2016

top android launchers

#1 Launcher Lab

It is one of the best and most used launcher application for android mobile. It provide the ultimate customisation to your android mobile. You can do various thing with this android launcher like designing home screen, set the wallpapers, widgets selection, music settings, images and whether. They have inbuilt theme option which you can change as per your choice.

Price: Free

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gtp.launcherlab

#2 Action Launcher 3

If your device is slow or taking time to load then you must try this android launcher app. This is one the best and fastest android launcher app available in the market. It allows you to access the various functions easily through its easy navigation list. This android launcher has thousands of downloads in android market and its one of the best app till the date.

Price: Free & In App Purchase

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.actionlauncher.playstore

#3 Google Now

It is the very own stock launcher of Google Inc. As it is the android standards, it doesn’t mean that it is boring. There are lots of benefits for this android launcher as its inbuilt provide google now button with some easy navigation buttons and free voice controls. It is straight compatible with all Nexus models.

Price: Free

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.launcher

#4 LINE Launcher

It is one of the best customisation launcher available for android devices. It consumes less memory as compares to other android launchers. It comes with many new wallpapers, icon packages, ringtones etc functions. You can see the rating of 4.4 in Google Play Store.

Price: Free

Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.campmobile.launcher

#5 Microsoft Arrow Launcher

It is the first ever launched application of Microsoft Company. This launcher called Arrow and it is one of the best android launcher ever. It is quite fast and uniquely designed launcher for android devices but it is not available on Android play store. You can only download this launcher from below given download link.

Price: Free

Download Link: http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/microsoft-corporation/arrow-launcher/arrow-launcher-1-0-0-16864-android-apk-download/

So this is all about android’s top 5 best launchers for 2016. It is our handpicked collection and we are sure that you all will like and enjoy it in your mobile. For more you can visit this best android launchers, they have shared lots of best android launchers till now. I think our post will surely helps you and get rid of from shitty stock look. If you know some other android launchers or you have any suggestions then comment below.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog In Simple Steps

What Is Alexa

Alexa is a web analytic site where you can get every info about your blog Like Rank, Back links and any more. Alexa Rank make a very important role in your blog’s success. You must have good Alexa Rank for Better future of your blog. but some of newbie blogger doesn’t get enough Alexa rank in their blog just because of low knowledge. So here in this Article I am going to share some tips which can help you in increasing your Alexa Rank.
Write Regular

For a better rank you must have worth content in your blog and you need to do regular posting, you must post post 1 Article Per day for seeing some momentum in Your Alexa Rank.

Install Alexa Widget

Installing Alexa widget is also a better way to increase you rank in Alexa. for create Alexa Widget read this post

Alexa Toolbar

Using Alexa Toolbar in your browser is also increase your Alexa rank. Download Alexa Toolbar from here.

Increase Backlinks

Alexa Determine your site’s rank as per your traffic and back links so always try to get good amount of traffic and increase you back links too.

Don Not Copy, Write Own

One of biggest mistake in a blogger’s like is copying other blogger;s post. mostly newbie blogger copy and paste because they haven’t enough knowledge. so if you want a good Alexa rank then write your own content or you can hire writers.

Start Guest Posting

As i said before that if you want to increase you rank then first increase your back links and for back links you can do guest posting on PR 3,4 Blogs Who gives you DoFollw Back links.

Claim Your Site On Alexa

One of best way for increasing your Alexa rank in claiming your site on Alexa,, So first claim your site and add info and contact info. i am sure you will see that your Alexa In Growing Fast.

Final Words:

So there is few tricks you can use for increasing your Akexa Rank and traffic. So now its your turn to share this post with Your Friends and comment your Feed Backs in Comment Box (We have a DoFollow Comment Box So You will get 1 DoFollow Back link )

BroadedNet Review 2016

Traffic was one of the most important and one of the difficult thing in blogging. Traffic can be called as the lifeline of every blog. Ofcourse every blogger wants to increase his/her blog traffic by any method. For getting traffics we mainly focus on Search Engines, Social Media, Blog Commenting, Guest Posts, Blog Communities etc and we do our best to get the most of it. But have you ever think that you can still get traffic without these methods?

You might be shocked to know that you can still get traffic even without these methods, Recently when I was seeing blogs of some of my bloggers friend. I found that were displaying a widget on their blogs which links posts of other bloggers blogs. Then I asked to one of my blogger friend about this. He tell me that this is a new blog promotion service organised by Enstine Muki by which you can get traffics without Search Engines or Social Media. I was shocked to know that I can even get traffic without search engines or social media because I focus a lot on SEO and Social Media for getting traffic. I was too much excited to integrate it to my blog because I heard a lot of things about it. Then I quickly sign up for Broaded.net and created a compaign for my post. After successfully creating a compaign and displaying the widget of broadednet on my blog, I was amazed to see the results that how my blog traffic was increasing through Broadednet without any hard work or stress. I got lots of credits and clicks to my blog post without focusing much on search engines and social media. So, before I tell more about let me introduce the creator of this awesome service as because of him only we can now able to generate traffic without hardwork. :

Who is Enstine Muki ?

Enstine Muki is a professional blogger at EnstineMuki.com and a PHP developer of Viralbird Traffic Script and CashDonator wp plugin. He started making money online since 2005 by creating websites and web applications. Now he became a most popular person especially in the field of making money online by his awesome works.Here are some of his popular works :

Source : EnstineMuki

BroadedNet is the all new blog promotion network or it is a network of bloggers where you can promote your blog posts with other bloggers by giving them credits to show your posts on their blog.

How BroadedNet works ?


BroadedNet works on credits that’s mean if a person accept your post link on your blog and giving clicks to your post link then he will be rewarded by your credits. You will get instant 100 by signing up to Broadednet. Each time you will be rewarded by credits when people’s click on the links of broadednet widget on your blog and the displayed person’s credit will be deducted. You can also earn credits by writing about BroadedNet on your blog or you can buy credits too.

How to display BroadedNet widget on your blog ?

It’s very easy to display BroadedNet widget on your WordPress blog. First of all you have to sign up for BroadedNet by going to broaded.net . You will get 100 free credits instantly. After signing up then you have to create a compaign by entering your post url along with your post title. You have to also create a widget by going to “My Widgets”. After successfully creating a compaign then you have to install the BroadedNet plugin in order to display it’s widget on your blog. Then go to your blog widget section and place your broadednet widget any where you want on your blog by entering your BroadedNet API and Widget ID. Now it will be successfully displayed on your blog.

How to display BroadedNet on Blogger/Blogspot blogs ?

Recently BroadedNet doesn’t works on Blogger/Blogspot blogs but now you can also use it on your blogger/blogspot blogs too by following some simple steps :

First you’ve to create a account on it and if you are already a member of it then just sign in. In your BroadedNet account click on integration and just generate a widget for blogger . After creating a widget  then you have to add the HTML code of it on your blogger/blogspot blog in order to display it. So,that’s it! Now your compaign will be successfully displayed on your blog.

Click here to join BroadedNet

Conclusion :

BroadedNet is the best way for getting traffic without search engines or social media. It’s one of the best way to promote your blog post without any stress. So, sign up today and start generating traffic to your blog posts. Already sign up? Please give your feedback about it by commenting below. Thanks!