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Strictly Social: Best Practice Tips on Marketing with Info-graphics

What Makes a Good Infographic?

1The MSN software package of Word, Excel and PowerPoint is considered the Holy Trinity of a business’s efficiency and productivity. Not to take anything away from the ‘old faithful,’ but charts and graphs can only communicate ideas while Infographic turns that data into information.

The Shift to Visuals:

Seems like Infographics are everywhere these days, and why shouldn’t they be. We are all perfectly aware that understanding complex data or large amounts of information can be nerve-racking for anyone. When it comes to communicating information, the mix bag of visualizations put together in an Infographic not only looks clean and professional but are also easy on the eyes, which is the reason why we just can’t get enough of them.

Ways to Rock an Infographic: The Designer’s Toolkit!

Infographics are able to quickly convey knowledge and information to its viewers in an engaging manner, provided the Infographic is informative and fun to read. Creating and presenting content and visuals in a compact and creative manner is an art, and submitting a unique Infographic on the web is one of the best things that can happen to an online marketer. The following are going to be some of the tools that can be used to make smart and effective Infographics, the old fashioned way, by doing it yourself!

  • Know the Lingo:

It goes without saying that to design an eye catching Infographic, you will have to write content that matters. Keeping the starting and ending points of the reader’s deduction and thought which is from the extreme left to the extreme right in mind will prove to be highly beneficial for designing a dynamic Infographic.

  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff:

Yes, in the world of digital media, content is King, for developing a more advanced Infographic, delve deeper into the realm of visuals to present factual data.

  • Draw Graphics:

Drawing graphics to effectively support each point is the best way to convey a message. Using illustrated visual puns are easy on the eyes and fun to read, this will keep the audience interested and wanting for more. It is also a good way of reeling in the audience who would otherwise be uninterested in the topic at hand.

  • Color Cues:


Using a color scheme is very important in order to convey a message. In Infographics, always use the main color for illustrations, whereas highlighted colors should only be used for drawing the audience’s attention to certain keywords. This will keep the audience from getting confused while reading complex Infographics.

When it comes to choosing the colors, you can have two or ten, it doesn’t matter, but assigning them appropriately will be important for tying down your thoughts visually.

  • Make It Obvious:

I did mention visual puns earlier, but making a point obvious with a semi-related illustration is a great way of playing with the curiosity of the viewer. References are usually used but not mandatory. By using icons or visual pointers, one can create dynamic Infographics while minimizing clutter.

Arts and Graphs:

The line graph is popularly used in most Infographics to identify current growth rates or other metrics. To make good use of empty space, you can crunch down serious numbers by using the width of the whole page.

Knowledge, Research and Data:

Well, it goes without saying that when you are making Infographics, you will need to do some thorough research about the information and data that you are going to present. Doing extensive research will inevitably lead you to piles of data and it is the sifting through that data which will be the most important part of developing an Infographic that is concentrated.

Designed the Infographic … What Now?

Okay, now you will really need to pay attention. If you want your Infographic post to go viral, use the following tips to do so:

Add an Embedded Post so Others Can Re-post it:

5The best way to make people comfortable is to let them know that they can re-post your content if they want to, by including an embedded code beneath your Infographic that will let them easily drop a simple block of ready-made JavaScript onto their blog. You can also use one of the many widgets that create the embedded codes for you.

Use Directories:

One of the things which you can use to extend the reach of your ‘work of art’ is by using directories. These directories serve the dual purpose of both acting as a place to house your Infographic and as a resource for finding ones to borrow from.

Involve a Credible Source:

By involving credible sources in the data collection, you can encourage those sources to help you promote the resulting Infographic.

Don’t Forget the Tweets:

Schedule tweets of specific data points mentioned in the Infographic over time with a link back to the full Infographic. This approach can work on sites like Facebook as well.

Email Promotions:

Highlight your Infographic in an email promotion to prospects and customers. Also include a segment for the link where they can view the image. Offer previews or pre-release opportunities to more influential sources.



Creating a screenshot of the Infographic will help you in promoting your visual masterpiece on sites like YouTube and other video hosting services.

Document Hosting Websites:

While the images can be shared at the sites/directories mentioned above, it would also be wise to deconstruct your Infographic into a document format which can be shared on sites.

Social Sharing Buttons:

Social sharing buttons on the page that hosts your Infographic should always be visible and easy to use. Include a text area form element with a code that users can copy to embed your Infographic on their own website or blog.

Setup: The Anatomy of Marketing

If you are looking for the same unimaginative tips that have been played out on hundreds of other websites, you might as well go someplace else. The truth is that learning how to use Twitter “effectively” will not make you become rich any more than creating a great looking Facebook page will make your business successful.

Ask any of the wildly successful entrepreneurs who have made it big and they will tell you that the only way of building a raving audience is by writing epic Sh*t. Even if you have the best damn marketing team in the world, it wouldn’t matter if your content ‘sucks’. Creative writing makes people think, it creates value, changes lives and could very well blow your audience away with its usefulness.


Schedule your promotions around the times when your potential customers and potential clients are most likely to engage.

Is Learning English Essential For The Modern Business Environment?

do-you-speak-englishIn the past, countries would tend to primarily deal with partners who were in the same trading block as themselves so the need for foreign speaking workers was minimal. Now thanks to advancements in technology such as the internet and mobile phones it is possible to contact people anywhere in the world within a second making business with faraway places much easier. The other main reason is the advancement of traditionally less developed countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and Korea who have entered the mass manufacturing sector and are now exporting a large amount of goods to the mainly English speaking western countries. Anything from consumer electronics, sports items, and clothing to food and builders items gets shipped from the Far East to the west for the end users.

An example of the need for English workers can be found by looking at one of the biggest companies in the world – Apple. Apple manufactures their iPhone and iPods via a company called Foxconn who are a Taiwanese based company but actually make their products out of Shenzen, China. This company is manufacturing and exporting billions of dollars worth of hardware, it is essential that they have a core group of English speaking employees who can communicate effectively with the US to ensure everything is going smoothly.

That being said, China, Brazil and India are growing superpowers with much more potential to increase their GDP beyond that of Western Europe and the USA. If China continue to grow at the rate they are then they will be the number one economy in the world, they already lend billions of dollars to the US government as it is and they are only just beginning to get an emerging middle class so it is frightening to this just how powerful they may become. If this was indeed the case then people would find it much more necessary to speak Chinese. The main factor against this however is the fact that China is just one country, it doesn’t matter how big, rich or powerful a country is they simply can’t compete against a group of countries and in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, UK and Ireland there is a large proportion of the globe covered.

So taking everything in to account, if you are an employee or an employer it would definitely be worthwhile ensuring your staff can speak English. It would be beneficial to have at least 2 members of staff who can speak it fluently in order to translate for senior members of staff but everybody should be able to speak conversational English, there is nothing worse than receiving an email that has been written using Google translate, it never reads well and is very unprofessional. There are numerous options available to teach English, the best option is to get your employees to go on TESOL courses, these courses are tailor made for people who don’t speak it as a native language, and they are specifically run by people who are trained to teach non English speakers as well. Your other available options include sending some of your employees on after work college courses to learn English run by universities, the down side to this is that it takes longer and it will be more expensive.

In conclusion, the modern business world is a rapidly changing environment, nobody knows which direction it will take, who will be the new superpower and what the language to learn will be but at present there is no doubting that is English. Due to the large middle and upper classes in English speaking countries that have the expendable income to buy expensive products it means that for the time being the Far Eastern countries will be manufacturing and supplying them. This means that they will have to be able to speak reasonable English to deal with their customers who will be English speaking on the whole. English is classed currently as the ‘international language’ as it is used by all captains on boats and planes, it is a useful language to learn whether you need it or not. If you ask most English people they would like to learn another language but they just simply don’t feel the need to at the moment.

Top Trends You Need to Know in Making Money

profit-risk-moneyMaking money is never an easy task. It demands great skill in some form of business or trade. However, knowing several trends pertaining to financial markets and business conditions may help a person in making money. Investing in equity and fixed income markets has gained traction from retail households in recent times. Individuals can invest in stocks listed on London Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange etc. In addition to the main exchanges, in UK there is a market called the Alternate Investment Market, Investors can gain exposure to smaller companies in this stock exchange. There are regulations which govern the investment process into AIM. There is an increased trend of individual investing interest in equity markets.

People who are unable to select individual stocks can invest in mutual funds to gain exposure to equity markets. Wealthy individuals can also invest in instruments such as Hedge Funds and Private Equity/Venture capital funds. The growth in the Assets under Management of these funds has been increasing steadily after the 2008 financial crisis. Investments in Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds are recommended for informed investors who have the risk appetite to participate in these markets. For any additional ways to invest, investors can contact income support of the financial institution of their choice. By contacting income support will provide some benefits where you can save your money through taxes. It is more beneficial for low income people. If you want to claim for income support benefit the make use of income support contact which provides you detailed information about your financial needs.

For an individual investor, stocks, fixed income and real estate are viable options. Gold can also be bought in small amount as an insurance against any hyper-inflationary trends which could emerge due to the liquidity injection by Federal Reserve in the United States. Financial discipline is much more important for an individual investor. Saving regularly in different instruments, aims to diversify away the market risk. Hence investing in different asset classes such as bank deposits, shares, gold etc are recommended for an individual investor. Pound cost averaging can be helpful for investor and they can do so by buying products for a predetermined amount of money every month. Investing in property is also a good way to make money.

Investing in a start-up could be a great way to make money. It is commonly important to have a business plan and understanding of the market. An idea which can make money is worth more than any investment. Investing in a company which will grow many folds in the future is definitely a great idea. But the success or failure of a start-up is determined by many factors.

Investors can also invest in foreign currencies, CFD (Contract For Difference) , Derivatives etc. This helps in gaining advantage of leverage provided by brokers. Investors with appropriate amount of knowledge and experience may be suitable for investing in such instruments. They may be able to make money more quickly due to the leverage (margin-trading). Investors have other choices to bet on the macroeconomic trends shaping up in Euro-zone. For professional investors, investing in trad-able CDS (Credit Default Swap) and CDS Index could be an option. If the investor wishes to seek benefit of any possible default by a Euro-zone country, they can make use of CDS. Investors can contact income support for more information on other ways to make money. It always helps any investor to keep abreast of top trends in financial markets and business environment to make money.

Author’s bio: Hi! My name is Leo and I’m from United Kingdom. I’m interested in writing articles and have been a blogger from the past two years. Apart from writing articles, I like to learn new things. He writes articles on topics such as finance, health and technology. Presently, I’m researching on income support, a kind of income benefit for low income people.